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Physical Therapy Los Angeles

Physical Therapy For Pain Management

If knee pain is affecting your quality of life and preventing you from doing things you love, our multi-modal approach to pain care can provide you with new hope for lasting pain relief. Our goal is to relieve your pain, and prevent it from coming back. At Spectrum Medical Group, we utilize a Multi-Modal approach to pain care that will involve multiple techniques, physicians and pain care therapists. Unlike other pain practices, our unique team approach is designed to diagnose and treat your immediate cause of pain, then through appropriate applied therapies help prevent your pain from returning.

We utilize a combination of knee pain management practices, from interventional administering of pain medication to our viscosupplementation therapy, comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation. Our strategies maximize your opportunity for long term pain relief. Our goal for you is long term knee pain relief while avoiding knee replacement surgery. Spectrum Medical Group’s “alternative to knee replacement” program has been so successful for patients with osteoarthritis (even bone-on-bone osteoarthritis) of the knees that physicians from around the Los Angeles county refer their patients to our offices for treatment.


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We have multiple disciplines under one roof, which eliminates the hassle of having to travel to multiple locations for multiple treatments. Not to mention, since all of your pain care specialists are under one roof, they communicate regularly about your pain care regimen and progress, providing you with a better quality of comprehensive care. Our staff consists of interventional pain specialists, physical therapists and knee pain specialists, all working together to help you achieve lasting relief.

Our office is staffed with knowledgeable pain treatment specialists, physical therapists and houses the absolute best and most advanced rehabilitation machines and equipment.


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