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Best Places To Live In Los Angeles, CA

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Living in Los Angeles is a dream for some people. Hollywood and LA living seem to exude a kind of austerity and mystique about it. If you are looking for Best Places to live in Los Angeles, California, then you have several choices on where to stay.

Beverly Hills

Who in the world does not know or has not heard of Beverly Hills? Beverly Hills is the most upscale community in the West of Los Angeles. It is home to many celebrities and otherwise wealthy individuals. The neighborhood is a tree-lined community covering under six square miles.

Beverly Hills has enough amenities to supply anyone’s desires. You have restaurants and shopping centers, including the Golden Triangle and the Rodeo Drive providing some of the trendiest and most chic fashion you can’t find anywhere. Therefore, if you have the money and you intend on living in Los Angeles, then you can definitely try Beverly Hills.

Santa Monica

This is one of the Best Places to live in Los Angeles, California. If you want to live in Los Angeles and stay around the water, then this is the place to be. The Santa Monica Pier houses a beachside carnival and gives the area a classic boardwalk setting. Santa Monica is known to have a very active nightlife, with assorted bars and theaters to keep the night alive. It is also a community known to have one of the finest school districts in all of Los Angeles.

Venice Beach

In the entire nation, Venice Beach is considered to be one of the funkiest places to be. It has a variety of beachside artists, street performers, musicians, and other unique attractions. The activity here is endless; it almost seems like the entire community is like a carnival. Having ocean-side activities available with the many beaches in the area, you don’t have to wander off too far to find a great time if you’re living in Los Angeles and around Venice Beach.

Marina Del Rey and Playa Del Rey

These two are actually sister towns that are joined together by a walking bridge. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and all of the trappings of city life, then these two cities are your ideal getaways. They are situated right on the ocean. Marina Del Rey houses the largest manmade small boat harbor in the world. If you live here, every possible type of oceanfront or beach activity is definitely possible; and if you want to rejoin the city life again, downtown, as well as the LA Airport, is not too far away.

Therefore, if living in Los Angeles is everything you’ve dreamed of doing, then you can consider these Best Places to live in Los Angeles, California, You just need to make sure that you do ample research on the places you want live. You will need to adjust to your surroundings so it is better if you are actually in love or you just adore the place. However, with LA, it seems you can never go wrong.

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