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Statue of Liberty Replica

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

The original Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous symbols of the United States. It stands 151 feet tall on a 154-foot pedestal. Over the years, hundreds of Statue of Liberties have been made. The replica of the Statue of Liberty can be visited by tourists at 11333 Valley Blvd, El Monte, CA 91731. In Los Angeles, the replicas have been installed at the L.A. Zoo, Griffith Park, and the Hollywood Bowl.

The statue has been in the Los Angeles area for the past 30 years. Its installation came about after its initial unveiling in 1986. El Monte, CA's public works department had the statue stored in their yard for more than a year. Initially, the city's courthouse and high school declined to put it on display, citing that it clashed with the modern architecture of the city. But after receiving numerous phone calls from residents of other cities and states, the city's officials decided to place the statue in their city. The reaction was instantaneous.

The Statue of Liberty got accidentally painted green when it was first unveiled. It was originally bronze but in less than five years it turned into a green color. It was made of hundreds of copper sheets, each two pennies thick. This process allowed her to develop oxidized layers of patina. In addition, the statue had its own special features. Whether you prefer the real thing or a replica, a Los Angeles CA statue will surely capture your attention.

While replicas of the Statue of Liberty are popular with visitors, they do not offer the same scale. The scale of the statue is also quite small, and many people find it difficult to recognize the original. In addition, it is not recommended to visit the original statue. The museum is located in a crowded space and may not be accessible to people with disabilities. However, a nearby park has an authentic replica of the statue.

It is hard to imagine the Statue of Liberty in its original form. In fact, the statue was painted green by accident when it was unveiled in 1886. It was originally bronze, but was unintentionally accidentally painted green. Luckily, it is now green after five years of exposure to the sun. Nevertheless, it still stands in the same location, which makes it a highly popular tourist destination.

The original statue stands 151 feet tall on a 154-foot-high pedestal. The replica is made of bronze and is approximately 2 pennies thick. The larger statue is a replica of the original, standing on a pedestal 153 feet high. The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom for the United States, and the one in Los Angeles is an excellent example of its replica.

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