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WEEK 1 Staying Healthy as a Weekend Warrior

Bottom Line:

Millions of people participate in sports each weekend as a way to stay active and stay connected to their friends… but, inevitably, as we age, the likelihood of an unexpected injury creeps up. So how can you stay healthy as a weekend warrior? Taking proactive steps during the week to stay well can directly impact your ability to keep enjoying your weekend sports.

Why it Matters:

Weekend sports activities like a softball game typically last a few hours. If you enjoy hiking or mountain biking, you’re probably looking at 4-6 hours of sports activities each weekend. That may seem like alot, but it's a short amount of time compared to the number of hours you spend working each week. That’s why taking daily proactive steps with your health are so important. Stretching to improve your mobility, strengthening to improve your support, and moving through your entire range of motion can all help you feel more energized each day and potentially reduce your risk of injury on the weekends. Did you know…  Regular exercise during the week may help reduce your risk of injury on the weekends.  At least 75 minutes of vigorous exercise is recommended each week.  Weekend warriors have a 40% lower risk of experiencing an adverse event as a result of cardiovascular disease.

Next Steps:

Getting older doesn't mean you need to stop playing sports – you just need to be smart about your approach. Buildin

g new healthy habits take time. Utilizing your smartwatch or other health apps is a great way to receive reminders to help you start making getting up, stretching, and moving your body more often part of your daily routine. Small steps like these will help you to maintain a balance of strength and flexibility that will help you continue to enjoy your weekends week in and week out for years to come!

Science Source(s): The Underappreciated Health Benefits of Being a Weekend Warrior. Harvard Health Publishing. 2017.

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